Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kortz II had arrived

Rockman has made their best frames : the kortz II 
I got it in the beginning of summer ! Amazing!


- New for 2010 from Singapore-based company Rockman, the Kortz 2!
- With features like it's large hydroformed down tube, hollow chainstay yoke and CNC machined dropout and integrated tensioner system this is one of the most advanced frames available.
- One-piece HS33 4-bolt mount (spaced at 100mm) and booster helps stiffen the rear triangle and improve your brake's performance.
- Hydroformed down tube allows a unique tube profile, creating a massive weld area and headtube join to make the frame as stiff and strong as possible.
- Machined side plates between the chain and seat stays help strengthen the rear triangle.
- Tiny dropouts with Rockman's own integrated tensioner design help save weight and keep the rear of the frame neat and tidy. These tensioners are now made from steel to be more durable than those on the original Kortz.
- Machined gusset on the top tube to increase strength.
- 110mm long head tube has large holes machined into the front to remove and excess material and help save weight.
- Stylish Rockman logos and head design graphic are water transfered onto the frame to create a long-lasting, classy finish.
- Available in 4 anodised finishes: Silver/Black, Silver/Green, Silver/Orange and Silver/Grey (with 71° head angle).
- Weight: Only 1.457kg!

Geometry with rockman spade fork
Wheelbase: 1093mm
Chainstay Length: 380mm
BB Rise: 65mm
Head Angle: 72 degrees
Centre of BB shell to top centre of head tube: 670mm (26.3"),72
°,  660mm (25.98") for 71° head angle model.

Rockmanbikes website


Saturday, November 20, 2010

First competition in Hungary- SZEGED

 In July 10 was organised the first Hungarian biketrial cup. It was 40 degree, intolerable, big long sections wich was the following:
-Truck tyres
-Railway sleepers

Luckuly the sections of  80% was under shadow that's why we can ride much better. We thanks for the bridge, because the trial zone was under that.
I had to spatter with water myself between all sections...

Finally I won the competiton in ELIT 26". I hadn't got 5 point section! That was great!  I was won with 14 point, here some photo of the event when I compete.


Lengyel Adrián - last with boxx

As you guys now, the Slate II for me was too short! I loved that bike, but it was not the perfect geometry to ride effortles and smooth well . Such that i had to rode again with the boxx, and started to feel this bike again, to preapere for the competition! I made a video with the boxx, which was hide so long, and i never posted on nowhere, so this is the first time wehere you cann now my video on 2010 with the boxx! I hope you will enjoy it! Do not hesitate to watch in full HD!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Team Tribalzine

I watched  long time ago the frech website, where uploading continuosly the newest informations about the: interviews, competitions, demos and so on - about all of the world.
I always want to be here on this site and become a team tribal rider because the good advertising chance.
Jebe (tribal staff) is a very flexible and kind guy, who always helpful and try to solve our problems immediately! The tribalzine officially has got more than 1.000.000 viewers!


First big video with Slate II

After 4-5 training in the winter i was made my big video with the Slate II . I was so powerful after a lot strenghten exercises! I hope you enjoyed it!



I have found new supporters - Reset which is a Canadian firm.
They produce mountain and dirt bike frames and bike parts especially titanium bb-s (bottom brackets).
In the trial market they make the best famous and better quality bb-s.
I got the stuffs through from the Czech Republic' dealer (Marek Tryner) becuse he is the nearest trial and reset dealer from Hungary! Thank you guys!


Rockman Slate II test ride

After when I built up the bike , I went to try it , and we record from that a little footage. I really like this frame especially from pedal jump without tap and sidehop to rear are specifically excited and intresting! Check the video !

Became team Rockman rider

In the end of 2009 I was got up the contacts with the Rockman firm which is a makes usually huge improves every month to break up to the world wide trial market- now it is on the top 3 in the top trial brands list's.
With Armstrong - the leader of the firm we agree the contracts : He will support me in the future!
Such that after the new-years event i got my first package from Singapore which contains the newest Slate II!

Advertising on tribalzine:

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About the Slate II frame:

Geometry (With Try-All 400/35mm fork sold separately)
Wheelbase: 1095mm
Chainstay Length: 380mm
BB Rise: 55mm
Head Angle: 71 degrees
Centre of BB shell to top centre of head tube: 670mm (26.3")